• 1986

    Bi-Mirth Trading Co. founded and began offring quality fasteners to customers.

  • 1989

    Bi-Mirth opened its first factory in Gangshan, making self - drilling and self-tapping screws. The quality of products was soon favored by numerous customers.

  • 1996

    Developed long size screws and imported the most advanced equipment from Germany.The quality and techniques of manufacutring has won numerous hearts from hearts.

  • 2002

    Bi-Mirth opened a new coating plant in Gangshan.

  • 2006

    Bi-Mirth opened a new electroplating & electrocoating factory in Benzhou.

  • 2013

    Bi-Mirth opened a new packaging plant to deal with customer’s special need and storage units.

  • 2014

    Bi-Mirth will continue to further its progress in quality control and develop new product to meet the requirement of customers!

  • Introduction

    Leading Fastener Manufacturer

    Bi-Mirth is a professional manufacturer comprising full capacity of molding, forming, threading, plating and coating.

    About Bi-Mirth

    Our strategies includes implementing the Just-In-Time, continual R&D, and constant quality control. To ensure our reliability, quality and consistancy of our proudcts and service for our customers, we put our efforts in establishing thorough and complete manufacturing capacity. Bi-Mirth currently runs four main factories in Kaoshung area--three factories in Gangshan, one factory in Benzhou Industrial Park, and a head office in Taichung. There are over 250 employees. We produce 90 % of our products in house and 10% by sub-contractors.The monthly capacity by screw is 700 tons. Our main market includes Europe (70%),USA (25%),and rest of the world (5%).

  • Advanced Machinery

    Powerful Product Lines

    We possess a variety of facilities to satisfy the demand of customers around the world. Highly flexible and customized manufacturing capacity ensure 100% satisfaction from our customers.

    Complete Production Capacity

    To ensure product quality, we imported and operated the state-of-the-art technology and machinery from Germany. Now there are a variety of machines located in our factories, including 26 bolt formers,14 machines for TEK point, 34 threading machines, 8 thread cutting machines , and 5 German 3-in-1 automatic bolt formers.

  • Machinery

    Advanced Technology

    Bi-Mirth operated various advanced machinery to ensure that our products meet the standard and requirement of our customers.

    Advanced Machinery

    Each year Bi-Mirth set plans to improve our production line with new equipement and technology. We invest large sum on hardware as well as software in order to ensure that our products meet the latest and highest standard of global markets.


R & D

Our experts and technicians continue to employ state-of-the-art process and techniques to improve the quality as well as invent new fasteners to satisfy our customers.


Quality Control

All the product are scrutinized and inspected through our quality control lab in which test were performed to ensure the reliability of our products.



We won the hearts from numerous customers with our highly-flexible, customized service to satisfy any demand, requirements or speicifications.



Our experienced staff ensure quality product and service around the world. We are main supplier of fasteners and surface treatment in Taiwan.



Our solution always save time, effort and cost for our customers. If you want competitive product and thorough service, please contact us for more details.