R & D

Our experts and technicians continue to employ state-of-the-art process and techniques to improve the quality as well as invent new fasteners to satisfy our customers.


Quality Control

All the product are scrutinized and inspected through our quality control lab in which test were performed to ensure the reliability of our products.



We won the hearts from numerous customers with our highly-flexible, customized service to satisfy any demand, requirements or speicifications.



Our experienced staff ensure quality product and service around the world. We are main supplier of fasteners surface treatment in Taiwan.



Our solution always save time, effort and cost for our customers. If you want competitive product and thorough service, please contact us for more details.

  • Vision

    Our Vision!

    We ensure the best quality and reliable service to our customers. Our vision also relies on compentence of innovation and improvement in product liness.

    Vision of Bi-Mirth

    Bi-Mirth's vision is to strive to be the top fastener manufacturer through quality, innovation , and know-how. We want to provide the right solution for our customers in order to be recognized internationally for our quality product as well as reliable service. Bi-Mirth want to form synergy with its partners and customers in order to create a long-term profitable relationship for all. Step by step, Bi-Mirth follows its mission and slowly builds itself up. Today Bi-Mirth has a forming plant, an electroplating plant, a coating plant, and a packaging plant.

  • Quality Matters

    Make the Better the Best

    Bi-Mirth conducted stricted and certified process to ensure that every item from our factory meets the highest quality standard and requirement.

    Quality and Expertise

    Each year Bi-Mirth exhibited new products as well as offer face-to-face consulting and service to customers visiting us in exhibitions. We hope that our clients can check on the latest schedule and meet us. What makes Bi-Mirth different from all other companies is quality. Bi-Mirth never compromises on quality. Bi-Mirth highly stresses perfection on every single part we manufacture because it strongly believes that quality assurance will gain faith and loyalty from our customers.

  • Certification

    Global Certified Standard

    Bi-Mirth is ETA, CE, ISO certified company and experienced supplier of quality fasteners.


    Bi-Mirth is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company; in addition, our wood construction screw products are certified by the German Building Authority (Zulassung Z-9.1-635 & Z-9.1-637) and we also have an ETA (12/0471). These certifications ensure the safety, reliability and durability of our products.

  • Vedio Introduction

    Introduction to Bi-Mirth

    The Vedio Clips exhibits the superior and powerful production capability of Bi-Mirth Corporation

    Vedio Introduction

    Bi-Mirth Corporation is the representative of industry 4.0.