Professional Teamwork and Serivce

Bi-Mirth service agants always offers professional solutions to satisfy any demands and inquiries. Our professions, experience and capability won the hearts of our customers.

Efficient Product Processing

Bi-Mirth is an experienced supplier specialized in exporting business. We build a professional quality control and product processing capacity capable of shipping cargos to our customers on time.

Efficient After-sale Service

Bi-Mirth strictly asks service agents to satisfy inquiries from customers within 24 hours. Customers can use various ways of communication including skype, phone-calls and e-mail to contact our agents. Bi-Mirth has well-equipped labs performing testing procedures to ensure quality and satisfy any demand from customers。

  • Contact our service agents

    Question: Which service should I choose and which agent should I contact?

    Answer: Bi-Mirth runs four different plants. The following info can help you find the correct agents for service:

    1. Fasteners Manufacturing & Packing:

    Head Office
    Ms. Alice Wang
    Tel: (+886)4-2297 1981
    Fax: (+886)4-2297 1983
    Skype:  alice543
    E-mail:  alice@mapt.com.tw   

    Branch Office
    Ms. Miko Shih
    Tel: (+886)7-621 1874
    Fax: (+886)7-621 3369
    Email:  miko@mapt.com.tw   

    Ms. Doris Liu
    Tel: (+886)7-621 9106
    Fax: (+886)7-621 1874
    Skype: dorisliu0626
    Email:  doris@mapt.com.tw   

    2. Surface Treatment (Electroplating & Coating):

    Tel: (+886)7-624 3366
    Fax: (+886)7-624 6828
    E-mail : info@mapt.com.tw

    If you have any inquiry please feel free to send your message to any of above agents.

  • Price Inquiry

    Question: How can I get price quotation?

    Answer: Bi-Mirth service agents are more than happy to offer you the most favored price and quality product per your request. Please feel free to contact our head office or branch service office for detailed information. You can send e-mail, use phone calls or Skype to contact our agents real-time.

  • Office Hour

    Question: What is Bi-Mirth's office hour?

    Answer: The office hour is from 9:00 am to 6:00pm (UTC+08:00).


R & D

Our experts and technicians continue to employ state-of-the-art process and techniques to improve the quality as well as invent new fasteners to satisfy our customers.


Quality Control

All the product are scrutinized and inspected through our quality control lab in which test were performed to ensure the reliability of our products.



We won the hearts from numerous customers with our highly-flexible, customized service to satisfy any demand, requirements or speicifications.



Our experienced staff ensure quality product and service around the world. We are main supplier of fasteners and surface treatment in Taiwan.



Our solution always save time, effort and cost for our customers. If you want competitive product and thorough service, please contact us for more details.