Research & Design Capability

Bi-Mirth is proud to build thorough capability of research and design. Each year we invest alarge sum on latest research facilities. The state-of-the-art research techniques and equipment successfully improve quality and mechenical property of our products.

Material Research Project with MIRDC

Bi-Mirth has built strong and consistent relationships with various research centers such as the Metal Industry Resaerch and Design Center(MIRDC)in metal material research project.

Metal Treatment Project with ITRI

With the technical consulting and support from Industrial Technologies Research Institute (ITRI), Bi-Mirth has acquired superb capability in electronical plating and metal surface treatment.

  • Keep Moving!

    Bi-Mirth allocated large sum of funds on research and design each year.

    Joint-Effort Research Projects

    Bi-Mirth established long-term cooperation relations with various institutes to improve metal treatment technologies. The research projects facilitates Bi-Mirth to become a leading supplier providing expertise and service to customers with customized requirement.

  • Professional Technicians

    Bi-Mirth employed a professional team with expertise and ability to fullfill the requirement of customers.

    ODM and OEM Projects

    Bi-Mirth helps numerous customers resolve design and manufacturing problems. Our technicians have expertise and knowledge, offering the most efficient and cost-saving solutions to our clients. Let us know your problem , and we will cooperate together to find the right solution.

  • Advanced Technology

    The professional team of Bi-Mirth offers solutions to customers.

    Labs and Facilities

    Bi-Mirth operates a professional labs capable of conducting research, test and analysis in order to fullfill the strict global standard. We offer to various customers in view of production procedures or sophisticated metal surface treatment. Bsi-Mirth updates the software and hardware each year to maintain in the lead concerning metal material treatment and production.


R & D

Our experts and technicians continue to employ state-of-the-art process and techniques to improve the quality as well as invent new fasteners to satisfy our customers.


Quality Control

All the product are scrutinized and inspected through our quality control lab in which test were performed to ensure the reliability of our products.



We won the hearts from numerous customers with our highly-flexible, customized service to satisfy any demand, requirements or speicifications.



Our experienced staff ensure quality product and service around the world. We are main supplier of fasteners and surface treatment in Taiwan.



Our solution always save time, effort and cost for our customers. If you want competitive product and thorough service, please contact us for more details.