Global Exhibitions and Services

Bi-Mirth hold several international exhibitions each year. Customers are welcome to visit us face-to-face, discussing cooperation and receive updated service. Also, please feel free at any time to contact our service agents if you has any inquiry.

Surface Treatment Service

Bi-Mirth posesses the state-of-the-art technologies and facilities to process metal surface treatment--from coating to electronic plating. If you need any service, please contact us any time and we will arrange the best solution to your demand.

Fasteners Packing Service

Bi-Mirth established an all-new packaging plant which helps customers customize thier boxes and labels. Let us know your packaging need.

  • OEM and ODM Manufacturing

    The Best OEM, ODM Fastners Manufacturer

    Bi-Mirth possesses complete capacity offering quality OEM and ODM products. We are the leading manufacturer capable of offering solutions to customers' demand and standard. Our technicians and experts not only help improving manufacturing procedures and quality but also offer new idea and techniques in designing new products.

  • Electro-Plating Service

    Surface Treatment Service

    Bi-Mirth operated all-new, state-of-the-art plating factory capable of offering various surface treatments.The electroplating facility comprises plating lines, passivation lines, sealing lines, temper ovens for hydrogen deembritlement, in-process control, and passivation solution recycling systems (all full automatic and computer-controlled). Our laboratory is equipped and controlled with Salt Spray Testers, UV Spectrophotometer, Atom Absorption Spectrometers, X-Ray Plating Thickness Tester, Mini Barrel Plating Machines, Hull Cell Tester, Potentiometric Titration, and a internal chemical analysis. The coating facility offers Bi-Mirth Nanocoating and Whitford Xylan coating to give our clients high coorosion resistance up to 2000 hours. Let us know what salt spray hour and kesternich cycle you need.

  • Packing Service

    Packing Service

    Bi-Mirth offers packing service to various fasteners suppliers. The all-new packing factory offers large areas for stocks, packings, loading as well as shipping. All the key packing procedures were automated in order to improve efficiency and save time and cost. This packaging plant also help buyers to design customized labels and packing boxes. Please feel free to contact us is you have any inquiry.


R & D

Our experts and technicians continue to employ state-of-the-art process and techniques to improve the quality as well as invent new fasteners to satisfy our customers.


Quality Control

All the product are scrutinized and inspected through our quality control lab in which test were performed to ensure the reliability of our products.



We won the hearts from numerous customers with our highly-flexible, customized service to satisfy any demand, requirements or speicifications.



Our experienced staff ensure quality product and service around the world. We are main supplier of fasteners and surface treatment in Taiwan.



Our solution always save time, effort and cost for our customers. If you want competitive product and thorough service, please contact us for more details.